contexture coffee cuff  


Trevor Coghill and Nathan Lee - Contexture Design
Vancouver, Canada
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Formed around a take-out coffee cup, the “coffee cuff”™ satisfies both form and function - the bracelet doubles as a java jacket. This fashion accessory (part of the Bentwood line) is hand made in Vancouver, BC by Contexture Design, a multidisciplinary design team whose industrial art projects specialize in reclaimed materials.

Coffee cuffs are made from exotic wood veneer like rosewood, ebony and zebrano. The materials are leftover “scraps” from the larger local furniture industry, off-cuts that would otherwise be discarded. Contexture is able to salvage these woods and extend their life through the Bentwood line of accessories.

Recycling principles are used in every step of the production process. Discarded coffee cups are used as forms, and punctured bicycle inner-tubes provide even pressure during the laminating process.

Available in Vancouver at:
mooncruise gallery
235 Cambie St
Lark 8th Ave 152 East 8th Ave.
twigg + hottie 3617 Main St.


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